TWO NEW BOOKS OUT: The Direct Voice-The Mediumship of Elizabeth Blake & Spectral Evidence:Mind Blowing Wonders within The Heyday of Historic Spiritualism, Volume I

At last, my two latest books are on Lulu Books (Recommend first), Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are guaranteed to knock your head off as they are the result of years of deep research. The book, The Direct Voice, is about who I consider the greatest Trumpet/Direct Voice medium of all time, Elizabeth Blake. She held her sittings in broad daylight, with the exception of dark seances held upon requests. The second book, Spectral Evidence, Volume I, is filled with staggering mediumistic events. The materialization, eye-witness accounts are truly wondrous, as is the chapter on Ectoplasm, Solar Plexus voices, a young, uneducated 17 year old girl’s trance address on The Mind, and other great events. The second edition of Spectral Evidence, Volume II is coming soon, and is even more mind blowing that Volume I.



I have finished another book, called Spectral Evidence: Mind Blowing Events Within the Heyday of Historic Spiritualism, 1848-1948. I have personally picked from my own library thrilling moments of spirit return, many mediums of which I am sure no one has ever heard about. There is an abundance of physical mediumship, of course, but I have added a spellbinding Trance Address on the ‘mind’  by 17 year old Cora Richmond and a chapter on Ectoplasm. As I state in the Introduction, to the average individual, what they will read will most likely surpass belief, but that cannot, and never will, alter one speck of the truth of what has taken place, witnessed and documented by intelligent witnesses. I am also working on Spectral Evidence, Volume II. My goal is to have my three latest books published this year, The Direct Voice, and Spectral Evidence Vol. I-II. I will update the blog as I go. Peace to all of you and thank you for looking at the blog. My entire method of communicating what research I do is going to change dramatically this year with the publishing of the next three books.


Another New Book in the Works: Spectral Evidence/Great Moments in Historic Spiritualism

As I am now waiting until Spring arrives so I can visit the tiny little town of Bradrick, Ohio where the direct voice medium, Elizabeth Blake lived and practiced, so I can conclude my book mentioned in the blog, The Direct Voice, I am working now on the next book, Spectral Evidence/Great Moments in Historic Spiritualism. I have been collecting books on mediumship, spirits and seances for almost three decades so why not share these stupendous eyewitness accounts?  As far as I know, this will be Volume I, because just one volume would be too big to contain so much material. There be accounts of both physical mediumship and mental mediumship. I will update this blog as best I can as I go.


New Book On the Way

THE DIRECT VOICE/ELIZABETH BLAKE/AMERICA’S GREATEST TRUMPET MEDIUM is in the works…stay tuned. This is one of the most unique, unknown and powerful direct voice mediums in all of Historic Spiritualism. The book will be completed after I visit the tiny little village where she practiced, across from Huntington, West Virginia, on the Ohio River, Bradrick, Ohio. Although she passed away in 1920, I find it incredibly fulfilling to visit, where possible, the actual sites where great psychic events took place. There are living individuals who, as children, remember where she lived and approximately 20 years or more ago, I spoke on the phone to two brothers, both in their mid 90’s, who were mailmen in Bradrick, Ohio back then and who delivered mail to Mrs. Blake’s home. They clearly remembered her and said they were always amazed at the number of cars parked on her tiny street and how their license plates represented so many different states in the USA. Mrs. Blake practiced for more than 60 years and it was said she sat for more than 200,000 people in that time.

More later….



At last, my book on the Bangs Sisters and their precipitated spirit portraits is out and is on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. Read for yourself and decide what you believe, because the truth is laid out and the magicians, skeptics and illusionists are put in their place once and for all. The eyewitness statements made by people who’s characters cannot be challenged stands firm and this is how it should be. Let this book be a lesson for armchair critics, medium haters and Wikipedia, flat-earth types everywhere. One must dig deep to find the pearls. There are frauds in every walk of life and Historic Spiritualism is no exception, but the names and phenomena of the great, genuine mediums should be cleared of scandal and ridicule to protect the truth of what took place, and I don’t mind doing it. My third book will be coming out this Spring, The Direct Voice/Elizabeth Blake/America’s Greatest Trumpet Medium. After that I will continue my work on a project that concerns the Davenport Brothers. They were and are even now, scorned and debunked by critics as illusionists and frauds. I will try to straighten this out with facts and bring their name to its rightful prominence. This I will say: There has never been one magician, illusionist or otherwise, UNDER THE SAME, EXACT CONDITIONS IMPOSED ON THE DAVENPORTS ever, able to duplicate the Davenport Brothers phenomena. I urge all researchers or those interested in the Davenport Brothers and all mediums for that matter, to delve deep into the story and find every available source you can before coming to any conclusions. A simple, quick, Wikipedia search will achieve nothing. Not all Wikipedia puts out is false or misleading, but as far as mediums and Spiritualism they have a long ways to go. Both the Davenport Brothers and the Bangs Sisters, according to that site, are frauds.



Nature, the very force of this great and boundless Universe, the origin and beginning of all events,  has provided that most individuals will not have the direct experience of sitting with a genuine, life altering medium for direct spirit communication.  Thus, we have the WRITTEN WORD, the trail itself forged by witnesses to the century of wonders between 1848 & 1948.  If we are to question the unimpeachable integrity of testimonies regarding positive proof of life after death as demonstrated by genuine, tried and true mediums, and documented by numerous individuals, then we must in turn question the very validity of human testimony in ALL SUBJECTS of life.  A person can either wait their entire life and, possibly,  never have a chance to experience a genuine mediumistic experience, or they can take it upon themselves to study the subject and, at least vicariously, benefit from the great truths born from it.  Aside from the subject of World History itself,  there is no greater subject on this earth more witnessed and documented than Historical Spiritualism.  Doctors,  lawyers, physicists, Kings and Queens, world renowned scientists knighted by the British Empire for their achievements,  philosophers, teachers, common farmers, laborers and regular everyday folk, and the list goes on and on of those who have seen and experienced wonders and  have written about it. I write, edit and compile these works concerning the great and authentic spiritual mediums so that their work will live on, and the teachings that have manifested as a direct result of it will enable all who are naturally drawn to this subject, to benefit in mind, via conscience and knowledge and in turn, as a result of this, know fully that there is nothing wasted in this life’s journey; every thought, word and action has a profound meaning….is an energy that exists, lives and breathes in the Universe forever.   Knowing and believing these truths, an individual can be clear in mind, confident and fearless,  once and for all,  on their journey through eternity and hopefully as a direct result benefit mankind, here, there & everywhere because of it.


Definitive Book on Religious Facts

In this writer’s opinion, one of the most definitive & important books ever written separating fact from fiction concerning the old world religions & Christianity is The Rock of Truth, published in 1933, by J.Arthur Findlay.  Findlay, who passed to spirit life in 1964, was a noted author of psychic subjects, economics and of course World Religions, and was the recipient of the Order of The British Empire.  He also had the supreme opportunity to have sat for more than ten years with the  Direct-Voice medium, John C.Sloan of Glasgow, the experiences of which are embodied in Findlay’s books,  On The Edge of the Etheric, Where Two Worlds Meet, and The Way of Life.

The Rock of Truth should be read by every thinking individual.  The Bible is a book of psychic wonders and the Ascended Master, Jesus, was probably the greatest medium who ever walked the earth.  Much of the Bible is mythology, put together in pieces over centuries.  See what Findlay has to say about this timeless subject.

” Truth, whether in or out of fashion, is the measure of Knowledge.  Whatever is beside that, however authorized by consent, is nothing but ignorance or something worse.  ”  -Locke

Book Cover

Emily French

Mrs.Emily S.French, one of our greatest mediums, standing in black, circa 1912.

Emily French-Standing in black.