Definitive Book on Religious Facts

In this writer’s opinion, one of the most definitive & important books ever written separating fact from fiction concerning the old world religions & Christianity is The Rock of Truth, published in 1933, by J.Arthur Findlay.  Findlay, who passed to spirit life in 1964, was a noted author of psychic subjects, economics and of course World Religions, and was the recipient of the Order of The British Empire.  He also had the supreme opportunity to have sat for more than ten years with the  Direct-Voice medium, John C.Sloan of Glasgow, the experiences of which are embodied in Findlay’s books,  On The Edge of the Etheric, Where Two Worlds Meet, and The Way of Life.

The Rock of Truth should be read by every thinking individual.  The Bible is a book of psychic wonders and the Ascended Master, Jesus, was probably the greatest medium who ever walked the earth.  Much of the Bible is mythology, put together in pieces over centuries.  See what Findlay has to say about this timeless subject.

” Truth, whether in or out of fashion, is the measure of Knowledge.  Whatever is beside that, however authorized by consent, is nothing but ignorance or something worse.  ”  -Locke


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Mrs.Emily S.French, one of our greatest mediums, standing in black, circa 1912.

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