Nature, the very force of this great and boundless Universe, the origin and beginning of all events,  has provided that most individuals will not have the direct experience of sitting with a genuine, life altering medium for direct spirit communication.  Thus, we have the WRITTEN WORD, the trail itself forged by witnesses to the century of wonders between 1848 & 1948.  If we are to question the unimpeachable integrity of testimonies regarding positive proof of life after death as demonstrated by genuine, tried and true mediums, and documented by numerous individuals, then we must in turn question the very validity of human testimony in ALL SUBJECTS of life.  A person can either wait their entire life and, possibly,  never have a chance to experience a genuine mediumistic experience, or they can take it upon themselves to study the subject and, at least vicariously, benefit from the great truths born from it.  Aside from the subject of World History itself,  there is no greater subject on this earth more witnessed and documented than Historical Spiritualism.  Doctors,  lawyers, physicists, Kings and Queens, world renowned scientists knighted by the British Empire for their achievements,  philosophers, teachers, common farmers, laborers and regular everyday folk, and the list goes on and on of those who have seen and experienced wonders and  have written about it. I write, edit and compile these works concerning the great and authentic spiritual mediums so that their work will live on, and the teachings that have manifested as a direct result of it will enable all who are naturally drawn to this subject, to benefit in mind, via conscience and knowledge and in turn, as a result of this, know fully that there is nothing wasted in this life’s journey; every thought, word and action has a profound meaning….is an energy that exists, lives and breathes in the Universe forever.   Knowing and believing these truths, an individual can be clear in mind, confident and fearless,  once and for all,  on their journey through eternity and hopefully as a direct result benefit mankind, here, there & everywhere because of it.



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Book Cover

Emily French

Mrs.Emily S.French, one of our greatest mediums, standing in black, circa 1912.

Emily French-Standing in black.


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