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Mind Blowing Books on Physical Mediumship

Adventures in Survival by Belle Turner Daiches, Aries Press, 1949

Opening The Psychic Door by F.W.Fitzsimons, Hutchinson & Co., 1933

Materialized Apparitions, by E.A.Brackett, Colby & Rich, 1886

Dawn of the Awakened Mind, by John S.King, James A. McCann Co., 1920

People From the Other World, by Henry S.Olcott, American Pub.Co, 1875

The Phenomena of the Seance Room, by Dr.Edwin F. Bowers, Rider & Co., 1930

Glimpses of the Next State, by Admiral W. Usborne Moore, Watts & Co., 1911

The Voices, by Admiral  W.Usborne Moore, Watts & Co., 1913

Broadcasting From Beyond, by A.E.Perriman, Spiritualist Press, 1952

A Southerner Among the Spirits, by Mary Dana Shindler, Southern Baptist Publication Society, 1877

Biography of the Brothers Davenport, by Dr.T.L.Nichols, M.D., Saunders, Otley & Co., 1864


The French Revelation on Kindle

The French Revelation now has an e-book format also and can be purchased through Amazon for Kindle (White Crow Books). It has been edited and  includes more reviews and comments.  This is a great way to read for people on the go who especially like to travel.  It is a pleasure to make available the great work of the American Independent Voice medium, Emily S. French.


Quote by Arthur Findlay Concerning the Direct-Independent Voice

”  All of the discoveries of man fade into insignificance when compared with this great discovery..”


Book Reviews for The French Revelation

” The definitive work on life after death..”

George Cranley, former President, Noah’s Ark Society for Physical Mediumship

” An amazing story!! ”

Thomas E.Chesrown, Great-Great Grandson, of the medium Emily S.French

The French Revelation is destined to become a classic of Spiritualist literature.”

Colin Fry, International Spiritualist medium, star of The Sixth Sense

” With Mr.Heagerty’s extraordinary book, The French Revelation, these valuable findings have been rescued from total obscurity and marched to the forefront of this vital field of research where they rightfully belong.”

Tony Ortzen, Editor Psychic News, Two Worlds Magazine

” The knowledge Edward C.Randall acquired in these seances and, most importantly, how it was delivered by the Independent Voice, spoken directly by the spirits, is incontrovertible and conclusive proof of life after death.”

Barbara Thurman, President, National Spiritualist Association of Churches

”  There have been few books on the relatively rare phenomena of the direct-independent voice in that class of Spiritualism literature spanning the last century; many have been unfortunately lost over time.  The works of Edward C.Randall, of which few copies exist, outshine them all, and would have also remained submerged if not for the equally dedicated efforts of N.Riley Heagerty. In a truly scholarly feat of determination, Riley has compiled and presented the most significant of Randall’s investigations and eye-witness accounts of the medium Mrs.Emily S.French.  I was blessed to have found this book ten years ago, and have returned to it again and again with gratitude, always finding new insights into the world of Spirit. It is with great pleasure to see The French Revelation arising out of the literary mists of time; it cannot be overemphasized that this book absolutely deserves a special place on your shelves.”

August Goforth,  Co-author of The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death


The French Revelation

This Blog site is named after my book, The French Revelation. Emily S.French (1830-1912), was one of the greatest American independent voice mediums.  She was investigated by the famous Buffalo attorney, Edward C.Randall (1860-1935),  who intended to expose her as a fraud but was over time, and after completing many exacting experiments testing her powers,  completely convinced that she was genuine.  Mr.Randall became a champion for the cause of survival of death and communication with spirits.  During the seances, which were held in complete darkness, the spirit voices would manifest apart from and totally independent of Mrs.French, who was not in trance.  The voices would literally manifest from thin air, and carry on conversations with Mr.Randall or whoever else he invited to the seances.  A stenographer was employed to take down word for word conversations and Mr.Randall asked many searching, important questions, which are all included in The French Revelation. The book is 401 pp and is illustrated & the Appendices contain a wealth of information, including a suggested reading list containing many of the great classics involving independent voice/direct voice mediumship.

Book Cover

Emily French

Mrs.Emily S.French, one of our greatest mediums, standing in black, circa 1912.

Emily French-Standing in black.